Consultancy services


Increase Productivity, Improve Collaboration

Are time-consuming manual processes preventing your company from achieving profitable growth? Do you or your employees spend hours each week producing reports in Excel? Is email your only tool for collaboration, especially with field engineers, sales people and home-based workers?

If you've answered yes to any of the above, rcsb can help you work more efficiently, allowing you more free time to concentrate on growing your business.


How rcsb Ltd can help:



Independent review & analysis of your business processes


Identification of areas where technology can be used to eliminate or streamline time-consuming / tedious manual processes


Produce Requirements Specifications for software to automate key business processes


Assist with supplier evaluation and software selection


Recommend Open Source software solutions for companies on a limited budget - and assist with hosting, installation, customisation & training


Automate weekly / monthly management or operational reporting from bespoke business systems or databases


Provide practical guidance and advice on collaboration with field-based workers (e.g. time recording, job management, file sharing, data security, etc.)


Develop an IT Strategy for companies outgrowing their current IT systems and procedures


To discuss how we can help you get your employees working more efficiently, contact us today.