Cloud-managed solutions for SMEs


Do You REALLY Engage With Your Customers?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the term given to software that helps you record, visualise and manage the interactions between you and your customers and potential customers.

Previously only accessible to businesses with large budgets, CRM can now be enjoyed by all.


Why CRM?

Your customers interact with you in many ways: to request information about your products and services, to enquire about pricing, to place orders, to query their accounts, to ask for help or advice or (heaven forbid!) to complain about a product or service they've received from you. If there is only one person in your company that handles all of these interactions, then that person will probably know everything there is to know about that customer's history.

But as your company grows, that scenario is less likely...

A CRM solution provides a central database of all communication with a customer: the products they're interested in, the orders they've placed, the outstanding quotations that they've not yet committed to, the prices you've quoted them, the discussions you've had, the support calls they've logged, and so on. So the next time you take a call from a customer or pay them a visit, you have all of the information at hand to make the conversation meaningful. No more fumbling around trying to find that last quotation you sent and no danger of being criticised for not knowing about their latest issue or complaint! All of which means the customer is more likely to feel trusted and respected - which in turn will lead to increased loyalty to you and greater opportunities for repeat or additional business. 


Features & Benefits:



Improve customer loyalty, satisfaction and customer retention by better understanding and engaging with your customers


Track all of your customer interactions within a single, easy-to-use web-based application


Build up a library of useful information about customer & prospect organisations, contacts and leads - and share valuable business knowledge with all your staff


Manage sales opportunities and generate quotes quickly and easily


Quickly view a customer's account status, along with previous orders and interests


Automate key customer interactions, saving time and eliminating keying errors


Manage feedback, support issues and complaints quickly and effectively to build customer confidence


Schedule meetings, phone calls and other customer interactions with timely reminders


Access customer data and transactions from your smartphone or tablet


Eliminate typing and standardise your communications by generating mail-merged PDF quotes, invoices, purchase orders and emails direct from the CRM



Feature-rich and fully mobile 

We can provide a feature-rich CRM system, ideal for the smaller business, without the hassle of installing and maintaining software on your own computers. Accessible from any computer (or tablet/smartphone) via a web browser, a hosted CRM system is perfect for companies employing field sales people, field engineers or remote/home workers.


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