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How Secure Is Your Data?

  • Do you back up your business data?
  • Is the backup process automated?
  • Is the data encrypted and stored offsite in an ISO 27001 accredited datacentre for security?

If the answer to any of those questions is "NO", then your business is at serious risk!


Give your data the protection it deserves

"43% of companies that experience

a severe data loss disaster, with no

recovery plan in place, never re-open"

Your business accumulates a wealth of data over the years. Some of it is needed on a day-to-day basis: client information, quotations, orders, invoices, statements, production figures, technical information. Other data needs to be retained for long periods to satisfy regulatory requirements, tax officials and Companies House. The loss of any of that data, whether by system failure, virus, theft, fire, flood or even accidental deletion, could have severe financial implications - and could even result in the downfall of your business.

Protecting your data against such eventualities is simple. In the same way that you deposit your money in a bank for safe-keeping, it makes good business sense to deposit your data - or a copy of it - in a secure datacentre.

Our Secure Online Backup solution does exactly that: a copy of your business-critical data is deposited in our UK-based datacentres each night (or any other time/frequency determined by you) - and remains secure there until you need it. All data is encrypted and compressed before leaving your premises for maximum security and performance. And when you need access to your data - whether it's a single file or the entire backup set - restoring it takes just a few clicks of the mouse.

Features & Benefits:



Fully automated - runs at a time and frequency that suits you


Optimised for performance - only backs up new/amended files


Designed for security - all data is encrypted before leaving your premises and remains encrypted until you need it


Lower backup costs - all data is compressed prior to storage giving you more for your money


Intuitive interface allows data to be restored with just a few mouse-clicks - from a single file to the entire backup set


Backup status reports delivered direct to your mailbox for peace of mind


User-selectable retention period ensures you can recover accidentally-deleted files up to a year after the event


Our free setup and configuration saves you money and gets you up and running in no time


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