Cloud-managed Wireless


Wireless Networks for Business, Education & Hospitality


Enterprise WiFi at entry-level prices!

Does your wireless network really work the way you'd like it to? Or does your WiFi suffer from dead spots, frequent connection drop-outs and slow download speeds?

Now you can have a fully-managed wireless network, customised to your specific requirements, with all the features you'd expect from an enterprise-class system: reliability, security, speed, range, features and much more. 

And what's more - it costs a lot less than you might expect!


Our expertise, your gain

From boardrooms to business parks, from classrooms to castles, we have over 15 years experience of designing and installing wireless networks for business, education, retail and hospitality premises of all sizes. During that time, we've learned what customers are looking for from a wireless network and have distilled that knowledge into a range of solutions to suit the needs and the budgets of most companies. All of our wireless network installations are centrally configured and managed via the cloud to your precise specifications; this minimises configuration time, eliminates the need for expensive on-premise controllers and allows us to offer an extremely cost-effective solution.

Whether you require a single access point for a coffee shop or a distributed network of thousands for all your branch offices, we can provide robust, scalable solutions to suit your needs. 

Speed.  Security.  Reliability.

Whether you're a startup company based in a small office or a large corporation with sites all over the country, the essential requirements of a wireless network are the same: it must provide a fast, secure, reliable connection to your wired network and to the internet. But it doesn't end there...

The rise of BYOD (see below) means that businesses have to make a decision on how to handle employees' personal equipment, such as mobile phones and tablets. Not only do these present a potential security risk if allowed unrestricted access to your network, but the sheer volume of such devices can put a strain on the network. Especially as most personal devices are set to automatically synchronise personal email and social media accounts such as Facebook throughout the day.

And then there are visitors to consider: suppliers or customers who require internet access for that important demonstration or presentation.

All of our wireless solutions provide multiple security profiles that can give corporate laptops, tablets and phones unrestricted access to the network, while restricting employees' own devices.These restrictions can include: no access to data or devices on the company network (i.e. internet access only), bandwidth limitations to protect the performance of the network, or time-based limitations (e.g. access only at lunchtime). Alternatively, it's possible to disable wireless access completely for all personal devices.

And because all of our solutions are cloud-managed, these policies can be amended at any time.


  Fast 802.11n or future-proof 802.11ac access points
  Multiple SSIDs allow different security profiles for corporate devices, BYOD, visitors, etc.
  Multi-radio access points for high-density or dual band (2.4GHz/5GHz) operation
  Enterprise-level features including network segregation, bandwidth management, SSID scheduling, etc.
  Cloud-based controller for ease of configuration and management
  Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability for ease of installation

Best In Class Wifi For Schools & Colleges!

From primary schools to FE establishments, the use of mobile devices - laptops and tablets - as learning aids is on the increase. This mobility means that computer-aided learning is no longer restricted to IT suites; any classroom can be used, so long as it has a reliable wireless network available.

Wifi in schools and colleges is a different proposition to wifi in a commercial environment. Classrooms have high densities of students (and therefore wireless devices) in a small area - usually with other classrooms either side, above and below, or across a corridor. The challenge is to deploy sufficient wireless access points to provide the capacity while configuring them to minimise the inevitable radio frequency (RF) interference between them.

At rcsb, we provide a comprehensive planning and installation service, starting with a wireless site survey that accurately determines the number of access points needed and their ideal locations in order to provide the required level of coverage. We pre-configure the wireless devices through a cloud-based management console prior to installation in order to minimise disruption. We install the network quickly and efficiently - at weekends or out of term, if required. We thoroughly test the entire network, ensuring excellent signal strength and bandwidth (throughput) throughout the entire site. And we proactively monitor and manage the network on your behalf to ensure trouble-free operation all year round.

This attention to detail and ownership of the project from start to finish is your assurance of a robust, secure wireless network that will enhance the learning experience for years to come. 


  Multi-radio access points for high-density wifi and increased throughput
  Automatic meshing facility for network resilience and failover
  SSID scheduling protects the network from unauthorised access out-of-hours
  Separate SSIDs for staff and students with individual security and access profiles
  Point-to-point links (wireless bridge) connect hard-to-cable areas such as annexes
  Full monitoring and management service for trouble-free, hands-off operation

Generate Revenue or Publicity - The Choice is Yours!

Whether you run a hotel, B&B, bar, coffee shop or cafe, providing your guests with WiFi can be very rewarding. It's simply a matter of knowing how...

Increase Revenue

Charging guests for WiFi may be acceptable for an overnight stay in a hotel or guest house, but can be difficult to justify in a coffee shop or bar. Instead, proprietors should look to use WiFi as a means of attracting more customers and enticing them to stay longer, thereby increasing spend per head.

By providing an easy-to-use and reliable WiFi connection, a venue can attract business people looking for a place to meet, to enjoy a coffee between meetings or to lunch. To prevent abuse of this facility, consider offering free WiFi internet access for, say, 30 minutes with each purchase - and watch sales increase!

Generate Publicity

Does your business have a Facebook page? Want to improve your Facebook popularity?

Facebook now allows businesses to link their Facebook page to their on-premise WiFi connection. When a guest connects to your WiFi, he/she will automatically be taken to your Facebook page and prompted to "Check In" in order to get free WiFi access. Given that the average Facebook user has 250 friends, that's a lot of free publicity for your venue. Furthermore, you can prompt your guests to "Like" your page, giving you further opportunities to market your events and offers directly to your target market.

To discuss your hospitality WiFi needs, no matter how large or small your venue, give us a call today.


  From a small coffee shop to a 5-star hotel - we have solutions for venues of all sizes
  Charge for WiFi or provide it for free - the choice is yours
  Customised login page promotes your venue, events, offers, etc.
  Duration-based control: you decide how long each guest can access your WiFi
  Link to your Facebook page for increased exposure (guests "Check-in" for WiFi access)
  Reliable and simple to use for staff and guests - no IT knowledge required
  Full monitoring and management service for trouble-free, hands-off operation

Building-to-Building Links Without Cables

Sometimes it's difficult (or just too expensive) to get a data link to an annexe, outbuilding or satellite office. It may only be 20 metres away or it may be a few kilometres, but a copper or fibre cable just isn't practical. 

We can provide a high-speed, carrier-class wireless link between two or more buildings using the latest point-to-point (P2P) wireless technology. All that's needed is a clear line-of-sight (no buildings or trees in the way) and a power supply at each location. We install, configure and align low-profile outdoor access points with the appropriate antennae (where required), giving connection speeds from 100Mbps up to over 1Gbps. And all for a much lower price than you might expect.

Of course, a low price doesn't necessary mean low specification. All of our wireless P2P links benefit from enterprise-class security and feature traffic shaping / QoS (quality of service) for seamless voice and video applications. 

P2P links are suitable for connecting warehouses, satellite offices, farm buildings, temporary installations (e.g. portable cabins), school annexes and other hard-to-cable locations.

To discuss your requirements or to book your site survey, give us a call today.


  Link buildings from 10m apart to a few kilometres
  Connection speeds from 100Mbps to over 1Gbps
  We provide full design, configuration, installation, alignment and support
  Enterprise features including high security links, QoS, traffic shaping, etc.
  Fully weatherproof outdoor access points with PoE for ease of deployment
  Low-profile, aesthetically designed access points for unobtrusive operation
  Full monitoring and management service for trouble-free, hands-off operation

From site survey to support, we take care of it all!

Whether you're looking to implement a brand new wireless network or upgrade an existing installation, look no further. We have the expertise to provide you with a complete solution, from start to finish. Our qualified engineers will conduct a survey of the site and confirm the network requirements with you, including WiFi coverage, SSID and security design, cabling requirements, number of users (concurrent connections) and application usage (VoIP, video, etc.).

We'll then design and install your perfect network.

Following installation, we'll monitor and manage your network, ensuring everything runs smoothly. For peace of mind, support is only a phone call away: if you require any changes to the network, e.g. changes to security profiles, simply give us a call and we'll take care of it.

Contact us today to discuss your wireless network requirements. Wireless site surveys are free for sites in Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire and for larger installations elsewhere in the UK.